Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a big girl!

Kenidee is getting so big! She is figuring out new things every day. She now knows that she can reach so much more if she takes her pink plastic stool with her. I was soaking some dishes the other day and she could see the bubbles in the sink and she wanted them. I told her they were dirty bubbles, and left to do something. When I came back in she had her little pink stool up to the sink so she could reach the bubbles.
She is also saying new words all the time. I bought a toy for my nephew’s birthday, it says colors and letters and the sounds of letters, Anyway she was listening to the colors and then from the back seat they toy would say blue and she would say boo, the toy would say Yellow and she would say ello. We have to be so careful of what we now say. My $45.00 pedicure is chipping and when I saw it I said oh crap! And right after me I hear a little voice ah crap!
Robin’s parents are coming for a week to help with the house, so we have been working on Grandma Judy’s name. She says ma ma ju ju. I think it is so cute!
Kenidee is also becoming a bit to trickyfor her mom. The other day I was putting laundry away and she must not have been able to find her stool, so she got all the pillows off our bed and stacked them up so she can reach the light switch. Yesterday I was in the other room and she came in holding a huge knife…..and looking so proud of herself. Her face seemed to say look mom, aren't you so proud of me. Needless to say we moved the knives.
Kenidee wants to be big so bad if I give her a Sippy cup and get me a drink she has to have a cup without a lid. The thing is my daughter is a dipper. She will dip anything. When I make her eggs in the morning I give her some catsup with them and she will dip her fingers in the catsup. One day she got the pickles out of the fridge and also a thing of yogurt. You guessed it she dipped pickles in her yogurt. This day wasn’t so bad she was just dipping her binky in her water. She was having fun!
Her favorite place to play at my sister’s house is the stairs. She will take toys to the stairs and play and play with them. The other day I was listening to her as she had her Disney princesses on the stairs. She had lined them up on the stairs and she sat on the stair below them. She would point to a princess and tell her “no no no” then give her a gentle push down the stairs. Do you think she gets told now a lot?
She is growing up so fast, and learning so much. She keeps us busy but We love having her in our lives.


Ryan and Kara said...

How CUTE!!! I miss having Kenidee in the nursery. She is just so darn cute.

Kristin and Jay said...

she is darling! And look how tall she is!

Camille; Ponytail Challenge said...

We have a similar chair/stool at our house. It gets packed around more than anything else. A good and bad thing! :)
I love Kenidee's red hair. So pretty.

CHENEY'S said...

Steph she is adorable. Her smile makes me want to smile.