Monday, September 21, 2009

huckleberry picking

Kenidee and I went huckleberry picking with my family this summer. At one point we shoved eight of us in Justen’s pickup to get up the rest of the mountain. We had a small picnic then headed up to find the huckleberry bushes. Mitchell was dubbed the huckleberry hound. He loved picking huckleberries. We think it is in his blood. Kenidee on the other hand had to go to the bathroom so bad she could hardly enjoy herself I tried to have her go in the woods but she would not go in the woods. So after a short time picking Kenidee and I headed down the mountain in search of a bathroom. Rebecca said there was one down by the truck, so down we went with full intentions of going back up to pick huckleberries.
When we got down to the truck I couldn’t find the bathrooms anywhere. So we stayed by the truck and she took pictures of everything. It was a way to pass time. She is so funny when it comes to taking pictures. She was all over the place so I took several of her too.
After a while the huckleberry pickers came back and Rebecca took Kenidee to the hidden bathrooms. I still have no idea where they were. As we were sitting relaxing and enjoying nature Justen found a four leaf clover! We all oooed and aaaaaahed over it then awhile later Rachelle found a huge four leaf clover. It was amazing really. Rachelle said that that is how their luck goes… Justen’s luck comes small yet perfect. Rochelle’s luck comes big but is often retarded.
So i didn't down load things in order but use your imagination.........

the picture of my foot I took because I kept telling kenidee how dirty she was then I looked down at my foot and I am so dirty!

The best picture I could get of all of us in the truck. not so good but....we all remember.

Kenidee with chelle.
waiting and waiting and waiting for a bathroom break.


Kristin and Jay said...

I lived there for almost 20 years and NEVER heard of huckleberry picking!!! Then this year all you people have posts about huckleberry picking. WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN? =) What a good girl to hold it that long!

Jolyn said...

You always have such cute scrapbook pages all made up with fun pictures every time you post (I can't decide whether to feel inspired or just outdone!) I haven't been huckleberry picking in years, but it sure brings back lots of memories. Cute pics (as always!)

Geneal said...

Wow what luck i have never found a 4 leaf clover, and my yard is full of clover. HUMM!! Cute pic's of everyone. It is fun to do stuff with your family, reminds me when you guys were little and our families would get together. Great memories. love ya and happy b-day