Thursday, September 8, 2011

i'm FIVE

August 11 my baby girl turned 5! I can not believe it. She is so grown up, and a bit sassy. She is so excited to be able to go to kindergarten this fall. Kenidee is a big helper, she helps with her brother all the time. She loves to have"pageant hair" (curly hair). She loves dress up and riding her bike with only 2 wheels. ( a new trick she learned this summer) She never wears shoes she is a bit like her mommy that way. She loves strawberry milk, and to make her own concoctions they usually contain  of a little milk, chocolate sauce, and some strawberry milk powder.  she LOVES it.

 This year for her birthday she had a few request... first of all she wanted a rainbow Carmel corn cake and ice cream. Then for her birthday she wanted a lamp, and a night stand, table and chairs for her birthday. Don't most 5 year olds ask for barbies and my little ponies. So trying to be a good mom Rebecca and mastered the cake,and Robin sculpted the number 5 on top.Kenidee thought the cake was amazing, just what she wanted she even told me it looked like a  wedding cake.

when  I was growing up my parents always got pictures of us blowing out our candles, some of the faces we would pull would be so funny. So here we go Kenidee blowing out her birthday candles.

This is the lamp my sweet girl requested. With the idea from my friend Kristin and help from the ladies at the ribbion retreat and Rachelle it turned out Soooo cute. I spray painted the lamp pink to match her room and covered the shade with cute fabric, that also matched her room.

Kenidee really wanted to invite our new neighbors over for her birthday. These girls have so much run together.

Kenidee loves Michael.  He teases her until she can hardly stand it, but they have an agreement if she tells him with out whinning to stop or she does not feel like being teased then he grants her wish. Uncle Rod and Desi they are always so much fun. Almost everytime Rod sees Kenidee he gives her what he calls a million kisses, and kisses her all over her face. she loves it.

Kenidee's night stand and table. she loves it.

The cake really is beautiful, thank you aunt Rebecca I couldn't have done it with out you.

This is my Grandma in the yellow and her little sister Coleen. It was so cute. Grandma was reading this book her coleen. I just thought it was adorable. Aunt coleen is holding Baby Hayden.
Bennett became a cowboy at the party. He was  being so cute. Riding around on his stick horse with his floppy cowboy hat.

Bennett loved to make people laugh. 


Kari said...

Happy birthday Kenidee!

Kari said...

Lexie has decided that she needs to have a rainbow birthday just like Kenidee.

Robin and Stephenie said...

oh good i will give you the recipe

Kent Family said...

Wish I would have been there!