Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chirstmas eve

Yep so it is Christmas in July.  I Love our families Christmas traditions. Starting with Christmas eve, we all go to Grandma LuLu's and Papa Bears. We have dinner, read the story of Christ birth, wide elephant gifts (this is a newer tradition.), and Santa comes to give us new Christmas p.j.'s.  I love spending time with the cousins that can  be there. We have made so many memories over the years. It is kind of fun to remember what is was like as a child and to see my children experiencing the same things.

Bennett was my little l helper frosting cookies to share at grandma Lu's.

We always have a little talent show. Usually the little kids sing, or play a little something on the piano.

The little kids exchange gifts and go and play with them while the adults get ready for Wide Elephant.
 I don't remember a year where we haven't laughed till we cried. I love this part of the night. there are a few gifts that seem to keep coming back every year.

 We all make our way down stairs to get ready for Santa. usually a child dresses up like Santa but not many small children come to Christmas eve anymore so we have to ask a brave adult to dress up like Santa ... this year it was.......ROBIN. If I do say so myself he was the BEST looking Santa I have EVER seen.

 Most of the kids loved him...
Santa and Eli
 Bennett was a little unsure but as long as he had his Knight hat on he was good to go.
 Rod LOVED him

 Eli loved eating the paper.
 Kenidee was not so sure. I had to force her to stand by him. Even after Robin pulled down his snowy white beard, she didn't want anything to do with him.

 I just couldn't contain myself anymore I had to plant a big ole' kiss on Santa! I really hope the Mrs. didn't mind.

All of the kids in matching jammas. kind of sad, when we were kids we filled up that whole front of the fire place. I love this tradition.

All of us "kids" in our matching Jammas. We will NEVER be to old for matching p.j.'s!
When grandma Lu would hold Eli he would suck on her pearls. I love that picture!

Uncle Rod Gives Kenidee what he calls a million kisses! She just laughs and laughs. She loves her uncle Rodney

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Kristin and Jay said...

Oh my, u attacked Santa!!! Lol!!