Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hugging Game

Kenidee hugs EVERYTHING! I think her dad help her learn this new game she plays. If she has her bear she loves (gives hugs) it then hands it over and looks at you like ummm hello it is your turn. So you have to hug the bear then she reaches out and wants it back so she can give the bear loves. She has started "loving" everything bottles, sippy cups, shoes, bath toys, go-gert wrappers. Really anything she can pick up she gives it loves then hands it to you to love. I do try to get her to give me loves but it rarely happens. I did try to get some pictures of her "loving" a few things. I might just make a collection of pictures of the things Kenidee "loves". We will be going to Canada this weekend for a family reunion. I am sure we will come back with some great pictures and some really good stories. Loving measuring spoonsLoving her teddy.Loving Pluto

I just thought this was cute she was laying on the ground playing with something and she was just kicking her feet and playing.Two pigtails! I don't think her hair is quite long enough they look a bit silly

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Trenda Poulter said...

Ohhh, she is so cute! I love the little pig tails. . . I remember when Ambree was at the stage where they just stuck up like that. . . too cute! Have fun in Canada! Do you have family that lives there?