Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hailee Elizabeth

On Aug 10 I got a new niece Hailee Elizabeth. She is my sister Elizabeth's third. She is soooo cute! I will get to see her again this weekend! Oh and I bought he that little head band. I love headbands on babies. :) She will be my parents third grandbaby in one year almost to the day! My mom figured out that Kenidee and Hailee were both born on the second friday in August! Weird!

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Kristin and Jay said...

k so i left a comment before, but don't ask me what happened to it!=) Anyways where did you get that adorable headband. I can't find anything like that so I have resorted to making my own. Also Kennidee is getting huge. I seriously need to come for a weekend to Rigby and see you guys.