Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween Kenidee was a puppy. She loves dogs. We got her costume at the beginning of September, we tried it on her in the store and she walked around patting her chest and panting like a dog. When we got home I hung it in her closet and when she would see it she would want it on. So she would be a dog for part of the day. Then she would get to hot so I would take it off her and she would carry it around giving it hugs and kisses.
We had a lot of fun with Kenidee this Halloween. We went to a ward party the Tuesday before and there are a lot of little kids in our ward. All the kids seemed to migrate together it was so funny to see them all pulling each others ears, tails, taking each others hats. One little boy followed Kenidee around saying dog dog dog. It was so cute
Then on Halloween we went trunk or treating at my mom's ward. Kenidee didn't really get scared of people really dressed up she just looked at them and said BOOOOO. Then we went to families houses. My uncle Laine has a huge dog Sunny and I have to say his tongue is bigger then Kenidee's face. You may ask how I know this...Well he licked Kenidee's face from chin to forehead. I almost died! Robin and my Aunt and Uncle just laughed. GROSS!
It was a fun night, I am so excited that things are getting to be so much fun with Kenidee.

Mitchell the Lion and Kenidee the Puppy

She loved being a dog
Her tail was my favorite part of her costume because when she walked it would wag.
Aunt Becca and Kenidee
I had these socks on for Halloween and she wanted them on. cute huh!
Sorry I forgot to turn the pictures.

Kenidee and Grandma Shauna

Uncle Justen with Kenidee and Mitchell


Ferrel Family said...

She's adoreable! You'll have to get her a real dog. :) I'm impressed that she didn't get scared. Berkeley was scared.
Take Care,
Jana F.

bryan and megan said...

She makes such a cute little dog. Wyatt was a dog when he was about her age. But his costume wasn't that cute!!! This year was a little bit more difficult. Wyatt couldn't decide what he wanted to be. So since we had 3 different partys we had to go to, he was something different every time. First he was a cowboy, next a sheriff, and finally on Halloween night he was a baseball player. But he looked very cute in all three!!!!!!

Kristin and Jay said...

so cute! Now you need to visit so she can play with my dog. Although I will warn you, she's a licker too! Heh Heh

Shannon said...

SO CUTE! Thanks for the comment. Sometime you need to get msn messenger so we can chat more. I could use your cheerful advice sometimes. Thanks again, and I LOVE the dog costume!

Trenda Poulter said...

Very cute! It is fun when kids start understanding holidays and have fun with them. We'll have to get together soon! Alisha is going to be here in Utah in Dec. I think 14th. I'll double check on that. We should have roomie reunion.