Saturday, November 24, 2007

Picky Picky Picky

I have had a hard time finding things that Kenidee will eat. If she eats it one day she might not eat it at all the next. I make this stuff that has sausage, rigatoni,and marinara sauce. I thought oh what the heck she might like it.... like it she loves it. The only thing is she eats it so much better if she can do it herself.

Next story.... I made chicken enchiladas and gave Kenidee her own and she wouldn't touch it... So I gave her some mac and cheese for dinner. Then as I was cleaning up she wanted the spatula that I used to scoop out the enchiladas and she loved she licking stuff off the spatula she was saying mmmmm.....mmmmm.... mmmmm... What a girl.

Sometimes we just let her have what she wants... there has to be some kind of nutrition in chocolate syrup right. (the lid is closed)

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