Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wiggin' out!

So what happens when a family birthday party is over, and you have had your fill on yummy food and cake and ice cream? Well usually we all lie around and talk but this party was different... Have you ever wondered what would happen to a party when you break out a super cool wig?! Well let me tell you things get a little crazy! We laughed and laughed! There were some super cool dance moves and some very odd poses. I suggest that everyone invest in a super cool wig and take it to your next party to see what your wig can do.

If you know my brother Justen He has no hair and when he did have hair it was blond. It was so funny to see him with dark hair.
Robin told me never to cut my hair like this. Hey I thought it was hot! :)
Things got a little crazy with Bri the wig makes you do strange things.
Rod...Rod Stewart is that you... nope just Glen

We even got Mitchell to wear it.

Why I ask Does Rachelle look cute in everything? Andria business in the front party in the back.
Can we ever get this kid to do a normal look? umm NO!

This movie is kind of dark and really short but I hope you get the just of it.


Alisha said...

I love it! Looks SO much fun! Where's a picture of Robin in the wig I ask...??

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Makes a great mullet too. Always a party when Stephie is around!

Ferrel Family said...

I love your family, they're hilarious! I think I'm going to try that, a wig party!!

Robin and Stephenie said...

Robin had taken Kenidee home for bed. He would have looked amazing.

Ryan and Kara said...

That is funny!! Family birthday parties are the best!!

Jenn said...

That was the best!! I am still laughing!!