Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So behind...

So much has happened,and I have been a slacker at blogging and at picture taking. So get a bag of popcorn and sit back and get ready to read my novel.

Robin and I went to Lagoon for his work party. We left Kenidee with my niece Andria and sister Rachelle Thank You! Robin's work paid for everything hotels ticket into lagoon, dinner at Mcgrath fish house, and yes even gas! He works for an amazing company! it was so fun to be together and not worry about the house, and to have a Saturday together. I did take my camera with me but left it in the car because I didn't want to have to carry it around Lagoon.

On the way back to Idaho we picked up my niece Emily and nephew Kolby, they were going to be staying with me for 8 days then over to grandmas until after the fourth of July. We did so much when they were here, we went to the splash park, bought a swimming pool for the back yard, had snowcones, bambino's, icecream, Rode horses, went to a park with Rebecca to watch people L.A.R.P (live action role play) with swords and stuff. They went with Grandpa up to see grandma at girls camp at west piny, and kolby went down the huge slide. Emily got to help dog sit a dog named princess. Emily and Kenidee loved the dog Emily wouldn't let the poor dog walk and Kenidee was always trying to get it to shake.

While they were here Rigby had their first annual children's parade. Kolby spent the day before washing up a bike that beck had and getting it all sparkly for the parade. That night Rebecca and I helped him decorate it. If I may add it looked wonderful. Emily walked Princess. Broulims gave away a bike and Emily won it!

That same day was my 10 year high school reunion. They did a family picnic in the park and a dinner that night. I didn't get any pictures sad huh because I was chasing kenidee all over the park. But it was fun to wave at people I hadn't seen in forever, and see everyone and their kids. Robin was out at the house and after the picnic I was going to go and help robin with the house. It was such a busy day. I was sad I didn't get to visit much but I guess maybe things will be different in 5 more years huh.

Our Fourth of July started on the 3rd at Rigby lake. We went and watched the fireworks out there. They do a really good job. There were bagpipe players and a band. We sat with Annie and her kids and paula and craig. Kenidee loved the fireworks. I was teaching her OOOOO AHHHHH she is so much fun. We did leave the fireworks early because Kenidee was asking to go to bed. What do you do when your not quite two year old is begging to go home and go to bed. You go home and put her to bed. The bows in kenidee's hair are my new favorite things. (click on bows to see the link)

The moring of the fourth we got up early and headed to Utah, to spend the fourth with my best friend Heather and my Uncle Terry, Shauna and their kids.

Heather is my best friend from College, she now lives in Texas and we haven't see each other in almost three years. I have a kid and one on the way and she has a little girl Katie who is 4 months old. Kenidee loves Katie we told them over and over they are going to be best friends. :) Heather has some really cute pictures of Kenidee and katie together. I will have to still them from her and post them.

I was so glad her sister married someone from utah so Heather would have to come out here. We met and ate GOOD food with my uncle and aunt then went to Heathers families house and ate more GOOD food. After that we went to Provo to meet up with her sister and watch the fireworks there. Kenidee I think was sick of sitting in the car so she started sucking on her toes. she thought it was so funny. ( I am sad that by this time of night she was done with her super cute bows in her hair)

Heather Katie, me and Kenidee I really wish we would have gotten one before we walked 2 miles in the heat of the night. It does not cool down in Provo.

So tired!

Her sister said it would be better if we parked at her house and just walked. "it isn't that far" well it was kind of far. We figured it was about 2 miles from her house to the stadium. We sat just out side of the stadium, so we got to hear Hannah Montana sing. (how lucky are we.)
When the fireworks started I had no idea that we were sitting right next to where they were getting set off. It was so loud and so smoky, but they were amazing. Kenidee had had it and slept right though it. The booms were so loud it almost hurt so we decided we would start walking back before the end. Kenidee slept the whole way back even though our little stop at burger king for waters. It took us forever to get out of Provo. I think we got to my aunt and uncles at 1:30. (thank you for letting us stay at your house) The next day we got ready to leave but not before we met Heather for a bite to eat at the cheesecake factory. I really hope we get to see each other before another 3 years passes. I told Heathers other little sisters they have to come to school in utah or idaho so they can find a husband. :)
Things are good but we are so busy. The house is coming along, I will take more pictures soon. For those of you who read this whole thing Wow I am impressed!


Kari said...

Sounds like you had a great Fourth. I was kinda wishing this year that we were down with you guys. It was fun last year. We didn't get brave and try to go to a firework show. Maybe next year. Miss you guys lots. See you in a few weeks!

brittneyboucha said...

Way fun! yep i read the whole thing! Its great to be able to see what you guys are up to. Ill blog soon with fun things from our trip to cali. we are there now and having a blast.

brittneyboucha said...

Way fun! yep i read the whole thing! Its great to be able to see what you guys are up to. Ill blog soon with fun things from our trip to cali. we are there now and having a blast.

bryan and megan said...

How fun!! Did you go to the stadium of fire? Bryan's brother and sister and their families live in Provo and we have gone there a couple of times on the 4th and gone to the Stadium of Fire. It's pretty cool.

That picture of Kenidee sucking her toes is so cute. It's kind of funny cuz I have a picture on my blog of Oakleigh doing the exact same thing!

Krystal & Austin said...

Wow! Austin just had his 10-year reunion, too! I hope you had a great time showing off your hubby and family pics.

Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! The picture of Princess and Kenidee is great!

How is your house coming?

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy! Looks like tons of fun... it was so great to see you at the reunion! Kenidee is growing up so fast!

The Wilson Family said...

Hey! not sure if you remember me but i found your blog on lauren delatores site. i am just changing a few things on tonight but i would love for you to join ours if you can. congratulations on expecting again. where are you guys living? i missed you when you all of a sudden moved. i guess i must have been out of the loop.