Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kenidee is 2!

I can't believe it but my baby turned 2 yesterday. We had quite the weekend of birthdays. on the 9th it was my grandma's 80th birthday party filled with yummy food and fantastic cake and icecream.
On the 10 was my neice Hailee's 1st birthday. She is so cute and getting to be so much fun. We only wished that she lived closer to us. On the 10th we had a family party for kenidee and hailee.
Kenidee helped me make her birthday cake, she licked all the beaters, scrapers, bowl, and I rest the beaters and scrapers on the box and she licked that too. She loved that her cake was a "hop hop" She even helped me frost for a little bit until she tried to lick the frosting off the cake!
On her birthday we went and met Robin for lunch in Idaho Falls, when Robin got home we opened presents with our little family and ate pizza! It was so much fun. It had just gone by so fast.
Kenidee is so much fun and so busy. So many of my friends so list about the things their kids like so I decided I would be a bit of a copy cat. so her is my list.
~ she loves the alphabet and knows the letters A,B,C,D, I,K,M,O.
~She loves to get wet, it could be the hose a pool the neighbors sprinkler system, it doesn't matter as long as she is getting wet.
~ She is obsessed with animals she loves dogs and "Meows". She often plays to be a dog and if she is a little dog her name is princess and if she is a big dog her name is Willow. (both names of dogs that she has met.)
~ She is funny, and she makes little jokes or does silly things then laughs and laughs at her self.
~ She wants to do everything her self. If we are getting out of the car and I try to help her she says to me "my turn"
~She loves to take baths. She lays on her tummy and "swims" I have found out if I shower first then put her in the tub she will hang out in there while I get ready.
~ She can talk of the phone forever. Often I have to tell whoever talking to her to tell her bye and hang up or they will be on the phone for awhile.
~She loves singing and wants you to sing to her, but you better learn how to sing fast because she skips from one song to the next before you can get done with the first song.
~ She loves to be outside.
~ she likes to go to nursery. One time I looked in on her to see how she was doing and she was playing with a baby and putting her in the microwave shut the door pushed the buttons and waited a min and took the baby out.. (should I be scared) :)
~ she loves her daddy. When he is home nothing else will do. He signs and sings the alphabet to her every night and the nights he is not home to do it I try my best but she stops me and tells me dad do it.
~ she loves to laugh and run
~ she loves to jump on the tramp and get up and down herself.
~ She has the most grandma's Great-grandmas and grandpas and great- grandpas a kid could have, and they all adore her.
~ Says please and thank you most of the time all by herself.
~ Loves stickers.
~ We love her so much we are very blessed to be able to have her in our lives, with out her our lives would be dull and very boring.
Pictures soon to come. I can't get the slide show to work for some reason.
but I think you can click here if you want to look at it.


Krystal and Austin said...

Happy Birthday, Kenidee! It sounds like you are having so much fun being a mom, Steph.

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Kenidee! We love you.

brittneyboucha said...

Happy Birthday Kenidee! I was totally going to have alyssa call and say happy b day and forgot. Ill have her call anyways.