Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weddings and Washington

This last weekend we got to got to Boise to see my cousin get married. It was so much fun, and really nice to get to see them sealed, and to remember the things in the sealing.
I really love being around my family I do have to say we are always having fun when we are together. I don't think all weekend I went to bed before midnight. The one bummer about this is that I left my camera's memory in my computer at home so I only got about 10 pictures on my camera's internal memory and can't get them off until I get home.
The exciting part of this is that I was able to work things out to go to Washington to see Robins family here. I do love Washington. As we drive down the road kenidee says look mom tee (tree) over and over and over. I don't think she has seen and remembered so many tree's in her life.
Kenidee is so loved here. We are staying with Robin's parents right now and they have three dogs and she Loves them. Skip loves to tease and teasing me is one of his specialties. The other night as I was walking in the bathroom he said louder then normal "hey kenidee want to give the puppy kisses." I ignored him thinking he just wanted a reaction out of me.( for some of you who don't know I am not a fan of dogs) I thought I so won that one until this morning. We went up stairs and Kenidee went and sat by one of the dogs and she was petting it then I hear her say "puppy you want a iss" I look and she has kissed the dog on its mouth I almost gagged.
Monday we spent the day with Grandma JU JU she took the day off work so she could spend time with kenidee. She took us to the mall and out to lunch. After naps we went to walmart to get a picture of all the girls together. They turned out super cute. I will have to post them once I get some.
Kenidee and Ellie are so cute together. they were holding hands and walking out into walmart together. We will be seeing them more before we leave.
Today we got to spend the day with Great-Grandma Markham. We went to target to get a memory card for my camera(yippee) and a belt for kenidee. Grandma spoiled Kenidee and I rotten. Then we went to lunch. Grandma Markham is a wonderful caring lady we do love her and everything she does to help us. We did get a picture of them together and Grandma taught me how to make kenidee smile for pictures. she told Kenidee to say "he he he" (like they are laughing) and she does a really good smile.
We will be here with robins family till Thursday then up to marysville to be with my aunt for her birthday and for Andrew's reception here in Washington. So more post with pictures coming soon (fingers crossed for pictures)


Kristin and Jay said...

Um Hello! I live 10 minutes out of the way to Boise! (if you go through Arco). And it takes the exact same time, so come back that way and visit us!! I am jealous you got to go to Washington. Hug a tree for me before you come home =) I haven't been back to Portland since we moved =(.

Mamma Mia said...

I just found out that you are here! Call me if I don't call you first. I told Matt and he said that he knew. I must be the only one out of the loop.