Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seven months! (now pics and a clip of him crawling)

Well tomorrow my baby boy will be seven month old.... where does the time go. He went to his six month appointment on the 15 of June and here are Bennett's stats for 6 months.
27 3/4 inches long
17 lbs and 4 oz
head is 17.25 cm
He is getting so big and really funny. He loves to laugh and to smile. He is a womanizer. He melts just about any ones heart with his wonderful smile and his dang cute dimple. He is getter better and better at sitting up, but this boy never holds still. he has been "crawling" (not on all fours) for about a month now. He is now just getting faster and faster.
He has started giving kisses. It is so incredibly cute, but beware if you ask him for a kiss you will get a mouth full of slobber. Bennett is a drooling machine. I don't think it ever turns off. It get worse when he is laughing or being really really happy.
I will post a picture and a little clip of him crawling later.


Alex and Jake said...

He is adorable! I can't believe he is 7 months, the time really flew by.

Geneal said...

Wow, timne goes by so fast. love looking at your blog, and keeping updated on all your important stuff in life. loved looking at the robin photography, just spent the last hour doing that. Jenn and the kids are here now. she is doing better now. take care love ya.