Sunday, July 5, 2009

Relay for Life. with pictures

What an amazing night. This was our first year participating in Relay for Life, and I think it is going to be something we as a family are going to do every year.
The evening started out with a small program and a Survivor walk. I wasn't prepared for the emotions I felt as I saw my little sister announce her name. I am so proud of Rachelle and everything she went through. She was always so strong, and I remember one of her nurses saying that Rachelle was always so sweet, they would come in to do whatever they needed to do in the middle of the night and Chelle would say thank you.
I remember when she was able to come home for a short time during her treatment. I was lying in bed with her one night, and I asked her "are you scared?" she told me "scared of what? Dying ....NO I am not going to die. Losing my hair.... naw it will grow back. I am afraid of being behind in school. She went on to tell me she knew that this was something she had to go through, that we all had to go through. What faith my baby sister had, and still has. She is forever the best example to me and my hero! I love you Rachelle.
Sorry...Oh to the fun night we had. There was so much yummy food and so many games. Everyone gathered for one cause to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. Every group had to do a game during the night. Our game was at 3:30Am Rachelle had played a few fun games First was the whip cream toss... Let’s see if I can explain this one person sprays whip cream on their lower arm or hand then swings it and hits it with the other hand sending the cream flying to another person hoping to catch it in their mouths.... this game is super fun but even better in the wee hours of the night.
Next game we played was...hummm I don't have a name for this but once again SUPER funny in the wee hours of the night. Two people put nylons on their heads; in one leg you put a tennis ball in the end. Then you swing the nylons around and around then try to wrap your nylon with the other person’s nylon. As soon as you are caught together you run and who ever pulls the nylon off the other persons head is the winner.
Things got a little out of had the nylons turned into....well who can make the best nylon face...Jarrett I think you won!
We even won the best night game award! I want to thank Robin Spencer for all her help and her wonderful donation.
It was such a fun night, I as a group we raised I think over $32,000. not quite our goal for the day but.. still quite a bit of money.


{Alynn} said...

This is amazing. I wish we weren't out of town for this! I am so proud and happy for all your family and what you've all survived! LOVE YA!

...and those nylon faces?


: )

Mamma Mia said...

Way to go! Kelli and I did Relay for Life in Bellevue last month. It was fun, and definitely emotional. We should compare notes and get ideas for next year.

Geneal said...

Steph, AWESOME!!! That would be an awesome activity to be involved in. We are all so proud of Rachelle and all of you!!! She is a great person a great example to us all. What faith, courage, and determination, we can all learn a lesson from her and the whole family!! Our lives are blest!!!