Saturday, November 14, 2009

pumpkin growing/carving

This year was our first garden. It went ok for a first garden. This year we also had hoards of Grasshoppers who loved our garden. I had no idea how to get rid of them so I guess the grasshoppers just took over. We did, however enjoy watching our pumpkins grow. they didn't get very big but kenidee was so excited. She helped me pick them and move them to the front porch. She was such a good helper. We had 7 pumpkins from our garden we got to carve.

The night of carving we ate dinner first then I really didn't clean up dinner or kids as you can see in the pictures, they still have messy faces. It didn't look that bad in real life I promise. Kenidee didn't mind gutting the pumpkin or anything she just acted like yep we do this everyday. Bennett on the other hand LOVED it. He loved his little pumpkin and wouldn't let me take it from him. He would just cry and cry when I took it from him to do anything to it. when I got his pumpkin open he stuck his hand inside and loved it! he was pulling out seeds and eating them. gross! When his pumpkin was all carved he sat and chewed on it. when I got him ready for bed I saw he still had stuff in his mouth I just assumed it was a seed nope it was a huge chunk of pumpkin he had gotten off something.

I didn't get pics after all the carving was done because my battery died. but they were all so cute!

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