Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in Lake Tapps

This year we got to go to Washington for Christmas. (thank you Skip and Judy) We were so excited to go and see family and old friends. We were a little nervous about Kenidee's sleeping habits in Washington, because she will only sleep in her own bed. Skip and Judy got robin's little brothers crib down and all cleaned. Robin did more then his far share of sleeping with Kenidee in the lazy boy. By the end of the week Kenidee was doing a little better.
Robin and I had made a list of all the places we wanted to eat that we missed so much. I do have to say it was hard to get them all in in 6 days but we did it!
Kenidee loves dogs and Robin's family has three little cocker spaniels . Every morning she would wake up and say DADA.... then pant and bark like a dog. She would get so excited that she would wave her arms so fast I thought they were going to fall off. Many times when we would try to put her down for a nap she would start barking and panting like a dog. She was in heaven! When we first got there Judy would put the dogs in her room for the safety of Kenidee but by the end of the week we would have to put the dogs in the bedroom for the safety of the dogs. Kenidee was also fascinated buy the dogie door. She never tried to climb out it but she did kick it with her feet and once tried to hold it shut so a dog couldn't get in.
We had so much fun. We flew back to Idaho on the 26. we were late getting out of Seattle and thought we would miss our connecting flight from Boise to Idaho falls, but they held the plane for us. we went from one plane to the other. When we got to Idaho falls we waited for our bags and 2 showed up and the one with all of our clothing didn't make it. They told us it would be in with the 7:00 flight later that night and they would deliver it. we didn't get it until 3:00pm the next day, because all the flights were delayed and the 7:00 flight didn't come in until 11:30 that night. So if we would have missed that flight from Boise to Idaho falls we wouldn't have gotten in till 11:30 that night! I am so glad that they held that plane for about 10 people.

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