Saturday, January 26, 2008

Girly girl!

Kenidee loves Shoes and Purses. A few days ago Rachelle came over to see us and Kenidee put on her high hills they are a good size hill so Rachelle had to help her walk but she was in heaven. (I forgot to turn them oops)


CHENEY'S said...

smart girl! Train them while they are young. Isn't it crazy how much they pick up from watching. Daniel and I taught Berkeley how to punch (on accident) and Jana has been taking the brunt of that.

Thanks for posting the Temple pictures. It is so beautiful!! Almost every one I know has went to the open house. The snow around the Temple makes it look so angelic.

Are you freezing??!!

Robin and Stephenie said...

We are FREEZING! Today it is snowing and blowing. FUN FUN FUN!

Jolyn said...

So cute. Its fun to see what they pick up on and what they become interested in.

bryan and megan said...

Wasn't the temple beautiful? Bryan and I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to go and take Madi and Wyatt. Eversince we were sealed my kids will ask us questions like how come they couldn't be sealed to us, and what is the temple like. So it was really neat to be able to take them with us. They were just in aw as we went through the different rooms and they got to hear the different things about the rooms. Then they took us into one of the sealing rooms and as they were explaing what they could about what went on in that room they asked Bryan and I and the kids if we would stand in front of the mirrors. I got to see the looks on my kids faces as the tour guides explained what the mirrors symbolized and how it was for ever and I just got emotional. It has been a hard thing to not be able to have my kids sealed to me right now, but it is also a wonderful thing to know that in the end it will all be made right.

Kenidee is beautiful!!! Have you started the collection of dress up stuff yet?!!!