Friday, May 8, 2009

Tea anyone?

Robin set up a tea party for Kenidee complete with swiss rolls and water. Kenidee loved it! When I went in to take pictures Robin was teaching her that when you drink "tea" you have to hold your little finger up. She was trying but not quite getting it. Robin is such a good daddy! Kenidee loves him. Every morning she asks "is daddy going to stay home with me today?" Today when she asked me I got to say yes. I couldn't have asked for a better dad to my kids.


Kristin and Jay said...

Robin is a little too good at the pinky thing =). What a good daddy!

Krystal said...

That is so cute. I can't wait to give Rachel a tea set someday. Bennet is really cute in those pictures on your last post--his facial expressions are priceless!

Carin said...

I have to tell you I found you when I googled "Giant Stride". I just did a blog post on this not long ago. It was a friend who reminded me of the name as I thought we called it "the Thing".

I have thought of that Giant Stride so many times since my youth! We recently moved to a town that was basically deserted. there is a school that was closed in 1968 and guess what is still there? The Giant Stride!!!!!! It's handles were removed but I am urging my husband to get this thing somehow or another!!!

Visit my blog sometime if you would like!

ANGELA and CHAD said...

That is just adorable! Kenidee is so fun! We need to play again... but I'm sure it's so nice for you guys to finally have alone time in your own house, enjoy it! Then we'll play!