Saturday, May 31, 2008

aaagh laundry!!!!!

As some of you know I HATE doing laundry. Well in our apt. we had a little washer and dryer, it would be over loaded if you put two pair of jeans in it, and the dryer would take 3 times to get anything dry, so needless to say I got really behind. When we moved to Rigby with my sister I didn't want to move any dirty laundry, but I didn't get it finished and I just couldn't get caught up.
So last Friday Robin was off work and we decided to gather up all our laundry and take it to the laundry mat. $25.00 later our laundry was done. Some of you might say wow that was a lot of money to do something you could do at home but I say it was sooooo worth it. We are now all caught up on our laundry and it make doing it so much easier knowing I will be done in about 4 loads. So thank you Robin for helping me get all caught up, I am proud to say we are still caught up. :)


Ryan and Kara said...

I agree about laundry; it is my least favorite chore!!

Carlie said...

i hear ya on doing laundry. yuck! & who would believe that a baby would triple the amount?...well, anyone with a baby would!!!