Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers day!

I know a little late... but We had a wonderful day. It all started Saturday night. Robin took me out to Jonny's for dinner. We forgot that it was commencement dance so we got to wait a long time and look at all the girls in there dresses and all the boys in there tuxes. While we were waiting I signed up for a drawing. For one of three baskets filled with wonderful things. You will never guess what happened I won the "grand prize" a basket filled with over $350 worth of stuff. I never win anything. I don't know what all is in it yet but, I will get it tonight so I will have to do a post of my winnings. I am excited.
So on mothers day Robin and my niece Andria Made Rebecca and I a wonderful mothers day breakfast, of French Toast on french bread, one of my favorite breakfast foods, sausage,and biskets and gravy and some amazing apple juice. YUMMY!

Robin and kenidee gave me a beautiful pearl pendant on a chain. I love it.
The day didn't end there. After church we went to my grandmas for dinner and then went to my aunt and uncles for dessert! At my Aunt and uncles we went around the room and we all said something we love about our Grandma Luana. (who kenidee is named after) She is loved all the way from making the best cookies ever to, being a great example of love and service.

Grandma Luana has always been the best example to me, She has not only been my grandma but one of my best friends. When I was little I would tell my mom I was running away and run to my Grandma's (there is only one house between our houses) I have and still do spend a lot of time at my grandparents. They are amazing people.

My Mom has always been a great example to me as well. She never gives up and is such a hard worker. She has taught me to work as hard as I can, and do the best I can. She has always been there when I needed her. She has helped me through many ups and downs. She also is my best friend. She has taught me what being a good mother means. She has always been so much fun, Kenidee loves her. She is the most fun grandma , Kenidee loves being with her grandma. If I can be only half the mom to kenidee that my mom has been to me I will be doing great! I love my mom.
I am also so thankful for Robin's mom. She has raised a great son, a son that I happen to love. :) She has always been very kind and welcoming to me.She does everything she can to make sure we have everything we need. We have become great friends. I am so thankful I have a mother in law that I love.


brittneyboucha said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! that is SO COOL that you won the basket. i am so excited to hear what was in. so fun and exciting.

The Justice Family said...

Hey Steph! Happy Mother's Day! I keep forgetting to tell that your little girl is sooo cute! She has the prettiest blue eyes and where does she get her red hair from? When I saw your Cali pictures, I thought about your trip to visit Molly and I. I just remember it wasn't very fun for you. I am surprised you went back. We were in the accident, you found out your cute sister had Leukemia, and someone (I don't know who-really) told me you were hurt because I didn't say thank you for the Tim McGraw CD. It looks like your sister is doing good and I hope you will forgive me for not saying Thank you. That was so thoughtful of you to give me that CD. I go to Cali about 4 times a year. Do you ever come down this way to Utah? You are back in Rigby, right? Anyways, we should exchange email addresses.

Anonymous said...

I love my Aunt Luana and Aunt Shauna too! What wonderful and fun ladies! You'll have to tell them I send our "Hello's!" Happy Mother's Day!

bryan and megan said...

Happy Mother's Day!!
Sounds like you had a good one.
So what did you win?

The Justice Family said...

I am glad you look back at the trip to Cali and say it was fun. I think that it is seriously the last time I have talked to you. Such a long time ago. As for the CD experience, it made me a better "Thank you" card writer. I am glad you don't remember it though. I think I did send you a thank you card. Isn't it funny how different experiences affect us? I can't wait to see more pictures of your family. Talk to you soon.

JANA said...

Wow! I want to hear what you won, that's awesome!

It sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! You always hear the nightmare mother-in-law stories, but no one ever tells you about they great mother-in-laws. I'm so glad you have two great mothers. I love my mother-in-law too!

Krystal said...

Steph, Surpirse! I found your link on Alisha's or Trenda's blog. I'm glad you had such a good mother's day. It's so fun being a mom, isn't it?