Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pa Pa and Ju Ju

Robins mom and dad came this last week from Washington to help work on the house. Thank you thank you! I was worried that Kenidee would be a bit standoffish, and not want to go to them. That was not the case. It did take her a second but she soon wanted to see her pa pa and ju ju.
We had so much fun with them and Kenidee loves pa pa and ju ju. Skip would chase Kenidee around the house and kenidee would scream and laugh then realize that pa pa wasn't chasing her anymore. So she would go back and look for him. She would soon find out that Pa pa was hiding and right before Kenidee would discover him he would jump out and scare her to death,she would scream, laugh and run away, and the game would start over. One time Skip scared her so bad she almost cried Skip had to convince her it was funny, in the midst of him laughing.
After Kenidee's nap this afternoon she woke up asking for ju ju. I wish they lived closer so they were able to see Kenidee more.
We didn't get trusses on our house this weekend but hopefully in the next two weeks we will be able to get it done
Chasing pa pa out at the house.


Amy said...

She is seriously so cute! I LOVE the color of her hair!

Rachel H. said...

How fun! It is always so nice to get together with family!

Kenidee is looking SO much older all of a, how time flies and how quickly babies grow!!