Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finished Trusses.

A few weeks ago we put trusses on the remaining four houses, ours was one of them. We are now starting to sheet the roofs. I think we have one complete and we have started four others. We hope to get shingles on before it gets to hot. It is a long process but it is all slowly coming together. I can't wait till we are inside working. I don't go out as much as I should but hopefully when I start feeling better I can go out more. Robin goes out a lot, have I mentioned he is amazing! At our last meeting for the house they told us that we were behind the schedule but we were ahead for how many hours we have had to work. Winter here really set us back.

Last week when we were out doing catwalks we found a bird nest in our house. It didn't have any eggs, so one of the guys took it out. I was amazed at how neat a birds nest is, and to think they did it all with a beak and maybe some help from their feet.

Here are pictures of our house with trusses. It makes it look so much more like a houseSide of the house
Back of the house
Other side of the house.
Bird's nest


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Ryan and Kara said...

Your house really is coming along!!