Wednesday, November 5, 2008

getting caught up.

You may or may not want to read all of this but I wanted to write about some funny things Kenidee has done or said. I seem to forget things so... this blog is my new journal. :)
Kenidee and I went out to the house to see Robin, Kenidee hadn't seen him in a few days. When we got there Robin opened the back door and was talking to Kenidee and she said to Robin "daddy get in. So Robin squished himself in the back seat and then she told him "daddy shut the door." He did then she yells to me "MOMMY DRIVE!" Yep I guess she really missed him to want us to kidnap her daddy.

Before Halloween we went to a few carnivals one for the ward and one at hawthorn Elementary in Idaho falls. (rebecca joined the PTA.) Kenidee really loved both of them. She loved looking at all the kids. She loved playing games. She would tell me mom look at that scary witch.... she's a funny witch.

Kenidee was a little skunk and when you would ask her what a skunk says she would say P.U. then shake her little bumm and make a little pst pst noise. thanks you beck. Yes that is me standing behind her so I guess you could say it is a family picture.

We had a great Halloween but my camera was dead so I will have to steal pictures from Bri and post them later.

A week or so ago we were at my moms taking advantage of the nice weather and sun shine when kenidee and I decided to go and Rake up my grandparents leaves. She didn't not like this at all last year but this year she was in heaven she would run jump, tell me to cover her all up, and when I did she would laugh and laugh. Did I take pictures sure did.... on my dad's camera so once again I will have to post them later. So while we were playing my grandpa Bruce came home. Kenidee calls him Papa Bear. When she saw him being dropped off at the house she took off running yelling PAPA BEAR! PAPA BEAR! She runs into his arms and he lifts her up kisses her and gives her a little toss in the air. Kenidee loves to have papa bear read to her. she will sit and listen to him story after story after story. She really loves her Papa Bear. He always tells her and everyone around her that she has such beautiful hair. He loves it. I am so glad that Kenidee gets to have a relationship with such a wonderful man.

Now for a big story......The dentist told us it was time for Kenidee to get rid of the binky so I was thinking of ways to do it with out breaking her heart or mine. So on halloween I was looking on youtube to find something that she could see what would happen to her binky and I found this clip Kenidee and I watched it like 7 times then she got off my lap went and got her binkys out of bed and ran into the kitchen and said I throw them away k mommy, and chucked them into the garbage! My mind was going crazy, do I get them out, do I really want to do this on Halloween it is going to be such a long night. My mom was going to be watching Kenidee for nap times do I dare do that to my mom. I decided to keep them in the garbage. After Kenidee was gone to my moms I took them out and hid them but I have found 3 or 4 binkys around the house and have hid them as well.
she had done really well she has only asked for them a few times then she says "Dede threw them in the garbage, I a big girl huh mom." It has gone better then I thought it would but night time has been a little harder she wants to be rocked but I guess that is better then yuckie teeth.

We are doing good. We have been super busy. I sure hope we still have friends after the building of the house. We spend every spare minute out at the house.I can't wait till we are done. We should start sheet rocking this week. Some people say it will be so fast now and others say this is the longest part. I am trying to get everything picked out(carpet tile lights etc.) before December so I can focus on the baby and getting ready for him, and Christmas and the many birthdays that are to come.


Kristin and Jay said...

Whoever told you this is the fastest part LIED to you! =) This is the abolute longest part. Every little detail takes FOREVER. But it will all be worth it in the end! Kenidee was a cute little skunk by the way!

Rachel H. said...

ROCK YOUR WORLD That she gave up the binky alone!! Now if only you could find a potty training youtube video, right?? :) jk!!


Robin and Stephenie said...

huh Rachel I never thought about a potty training video on youtube. do you think it would be too scary to look into that?

Amy said...

She is seriously the cutest skunk I've ever seen! IS she tall for her age? For some reason she looks tall! Good luck on your house! I agree with Kristin... it seemed like it was the longest part to me!