Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fourth of July

Fourth of July weekend was so much fun. Robin’s parents came from Washington to visit. We spent our time crazy busy running around. We went to the Titanic display at the museum in Idaho Falls. It was great! I want to go again and leave the kids home with a baby sitter. On the fourth we went to a little breakfast in Rigby, and then headed to Rexburg for the parade. I am not a very good parade goer. I didn’t bring blankets or chairs and we didn’t get there early enough to get a good spot. Rachelle came with her roommates and brought a few blankets so we had somewhere to sit. I kind of scooted my way through the crowds of people so Kenidee could see the parade and get a few pieces of candy. We were so done with the parade before it was over. So we missed the crowds and hit the booths at Porter Park.
We couldn’t hid the splash park from Kenidee so we let her play around in the water for a few min. Bennett loved the water. Robin sat him right down in the water and he was just content to sit and splash in the water. After the splash park Robin’s mom and dad took the kids on the carousal. I was afraid that Kenidee would freak out, seeing how she liked the rides so much at lagoon. She did well and grandma stayed right by her. She didn’t want to get off. So that was fun. This was Bennett’s first carousal ride. He seemed to like it he didn’t complain at all. Papa even started to do some trick ridding with Bennett.
We came home and had well needed naps then had a little bbq at our house, and more resting. Then we headed out to the Menan fireworks. It was great as always. You can get there late and not have to be saving a spot for days. The kids love it and you see everyone you know. Kenidee loved it! She stayed awake until we got in the car to go home. Bennett fell asleep but woke up when the fireworks started. My mom was holding him and she said that when the fireworks were all over he kept looking for them.
Sunday Kenidee wanted to have a nick-nick (picnic) with papa on her new tramp. So after church on Sunday we pack a wonderful little picnic of otter pops juice and other junk food. Then papa and Kenidee had a little nick nick on the tramp.
We were sad to see Skip and Judy go back home, even more sad that they had to leave before the swing set came. Thank you so much Skip and Judy for coming and seeing us. We miss you and Kenidee won’t stop talking about coming to see papa and ju ju. See you in a few months!


Merrill Clan said...

She is a crack up. Garrett & Gaby want to know when they get to come for a picnic on Kennidee's new tramp!!

Rachel H. said...

HOW FUN! SOOOO exciting to have family come visit.

Kenidee makes me laugh--she sure says the funniest things! And Bennett! WOW! He is getting so grown up! Time flies, doesn't it?

Oh, and I wanted to tell you I love your new house! SOOO jealous! It's gorgeous! And how fun to have such wonderful friends made in the process...

Kristin and Jay said...

Cute outfit! I LOVE the fourth! I also love how you stayed out of IF the whole time. There are WAY too many people there! I can't wait for you to visit your in laws too, cuz that means you get to come visit me too! Or at least you better =)

brittneyboucha said...

steph your kids are so cute and getting so big. i love your home. its beautiful. you have great taste. were back in cali living with my parents for a while.

Geneal said...

Am I crazy or does bennett kinda look a little like mitchell?? Wow they are growing up so fast what a cute little family love ya