Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Robins Boss takes all of his workers to Lagoon for a summer party. He pays for tickets to Lagoon, one meal in Lagoon, a Hotel helps with gas and takes us to a fancy dinner at Magraffs (I think that is how you spell it.) fish house. This year it was the day after Relay for life. So I stayed up all night (well I had a 1 hour and a half nap) Came home had a shower and got in the car to head to Utah. Anyway It has been so much fun. this year we felt like Kenidee would be old enough to enjoy the rides at Lagoon. I think she thought she would like the rides at lagoon as well. When we got there she was so not a fan of them. Even the carousel (she has ridden them lots) she didn't like. I think she needed a riding buddy, maybe next year her and Bennett can ride the rides together. Thank you Dennis and Lori for such a great weekend. Kenidee did LOVE the water fountain when you first walk in. She would have been there all day long. We got her to leave by telling her we were going to go swimming at the hotel.


Wheat Family said...

Fun time! Hey what program are you using for your picture layouts? Is it digital scrapbooking? They are super cute!

Kristin and Jay said...

Oh My Gosh! That first picture of her crying in the airplane CRACKS me up! That is SOOOOO funny! What a fun thing......especially cuz its free! yay!

The Justice Family said...

Hey Steph, How do you do these pages? Do you have a digital scrapbooking program? If you do what is it called?