Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dress up and parties

When my sister Elizabeth comes to town it is ALWAYS a party. We may not always do much but we always have so much fun and stay up way to late. We end up with ornery kids and sleep deprived parents but I LOVE whenever she and her kids get to come up to see us. Last month Elizabeth came up for a baby shower my Aunt Paula threw for me. (that was great) I decided that one night that Liz was here we would do girls night craft night so that is what we did. While us girls were doing crafts the little girls (I thought) were playing dress up. Then into our lives came this cute little pinked haired fairy. Kolby tried to not let us take his picture but he really wanted us to. The kids had so much fun together and played with every single toy in Kenidee's room.
I know that some of the pictures aren't that great or clear but I loved how it kind of shows how crazy things were at my house that night.

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