Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Robin!

It was Robin's 29 th Birthday on the 24. We went out to dinner on the 23 (thanks Alex for tending Kenidee). On Robin's Birthday I got up and made him Biskets and Gravy, then that night we went and ate taco's at my moms and did cake and icecream with the family. When asked Robin what kind of cake he wanted and he told me strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. So that is what he got a pink cake. My memory card was full so this is all I got I think the pictures of the cake were on my moms camera I will have to post them later.

Us singing Happy birthday to robin. The picture is not so good and it isn't very long but maybe that is a good thing.


Wheat Family said...

Happy Birthday to Robin! David is also a biscuits and gravy fan! Looks like you have had a great birthday, and congrats on the foundation!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robin! I miss haning out with your fam, Steph! There's always something funny going on!